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Employment Opportunity – Join our Team!

Job Description:

Capital is currently seeking highly motivated sales professional to share their talents and grow their skills as a member of our sales division. They must have a passion for sales, a passion for meeting new people and a passion helping find ways to do more with custom solutions. We provide an initial 90-day training program, ongoing vendor, manager and educational training.

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Use Our Managed Services Program and Never Run Out of Toner Again

Many business owners operate on very tight budgets, and may be hesitant to purchase a service contract on their office equipment. Unfortunately, the first time they encounter a big repair bill, they often regret their decision to choose a small monthly savings over true peace of mind!

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Let Capital Assess Your Workflow and You’ll See How to Maximize Productivity

Managing Your Documents in the New Age

At Capital, business solutions are our specialty! Central Arkansas companies have turned to Capital for business machines since 1939, and we owe our longevity to large amounts of repeat business and word-of-mouth advertising!

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Three Reasons Why Businesses Choose Kyocera

Studies Show High Quality Printed Pieces Affect Emotion: The Science

In today’s workplace, your printers and copiers are almost as important as the people who use them. That’s why you owe it to yourself to insist on quality equipment! And when it comes to quality, value, and flexibility, Kyocera is the obvious choice!

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Maximize Your Workflow With Capital Document Management Solutions

There are numerous advantages to running an efficient office. For starters, it enables you to serve more clients in less time. When it comes to your employees, everyone is much happier when there are open lines of communication throughout the office, and clear procedures in place for each department.

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