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Three Functions You Probably Didn’t Know Kyocera Products Can Do

The office copier of yore, which many of us grew up with, has become officially “old school” technology now that the multifunction product (MFP) has come of age. With the old school office copiers, you could, well, copy. And that was about it.

With the old school printer, you could print, and generate virtually unlimited original documents from your computer, but if you needed copies of an existing document, it was off to the officer copier for you.

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Kyocera’s Document Management Might Just Be the Solution for Your Business

The Evolution of Print Entering the Digital Age

These days, more and more offices are transitioning to paperless document storage, and it just makes sense. Paper-based filing systems are inefficient, and waste valuable office space. Securely storing your files will save your employees and clients time that would normally be squandered searching for physical files.

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Kyocera Printers and Copiers are Guaranteed to Increase Productivity for Your Business!

Copiers and Printers With The Lowest TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) in the Business!

We hear the term “productivity” used a lot in business. The most basic definition of the word refers to achieving maximum output from minimum input, or, in short, doing more with less. But what does that mean, exactly? What are you producing? What will it take to improve your office’s productivity?

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Two Things to Know Before Choosing a Kyocera Printer

When it comes to printers for small businesses, there are so many brands, styles, capacities, capabilities, and even colors it can make your head spin. That’s why, at Capital, we believe in breaking things down into manageable, bite-size chunks and then taking it a step at a time.

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Replacing Your Printers and Copiers Can Mean Major Savings!

If your printers and copiers are currently in working order, making an upgrade may not seem like a high priority. After all, it doesn’t make sense to spend money to fix something that’s not broken! But are you really saving money when you continue to use outdated equipment?

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