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Distracted by Print Job Problems? Capital Makes it Easy so You Can Mind the Store!

It almost never fails. Your mind needs to be on business, but you always seem to be playing workflow traffic cop. The main printer is out of paper. The primary copier is jammed. A major print job is stalled because somebody ordered the wrong toner cartridges and the right cartridges will have to be over-nighted.

And to top it all off, your intra-office network only seems to work for about half the office, but never the same half two days in a row.

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Kyocera MFPs: When Only the Best Will Do


Big box office supply retailers are a quick and convenient place to obtain virtually anything you need for the day-to-day operations of your business. You can buy paper, pens, dry erase boards, furniture, and even snacks and cleaning supplies.

But when it comes to your printing and copying equipment, you will want reliable, high-quality products capable of producing printed materials that give your brand an added appeal.

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Never Run Out of Toner Again!

Running a small business means doing more with less, and minimizing expenses is an important part of maximizing revenue. Keeping your doors open often means making difficult decisions about what you truly need, and what you can do without. Unfortunately, one of the mistakes that small business owners often make is assuming that they don’t need a service agreement on their office equipment, or that they can’t afford it. But they do, and they can. Think about it…Would you buy a home or a car without also buying an insurance policy?

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Here’s Our Favorite Printers and Copiers

Studies Show High Quality Printed Pieces Affect Emotion: The Science

Whether you’re a large company with several locations, or a small office with only a few employees, it’s important to invest in office equipment that won’t let you down. And when it comes to printers and copiers, there are so many makes and models to choose from. What will work best for your office?

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The Kyocera Taskalfa Line: Multifunctionality at Your Fingertips

When you’re in the market for color copiers for small business operations, keep in mind that the terms “copy machine” and “copier” are a bit dated. Yes, they still make copies, but now they do so much more than that. In fact, Kyocera Taskalfa Multi-Function Products (MFPs) can take the place of several pieces of office equipment, and are a great way for a small company to “think big.”

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