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Color vs. Monochrome: What Fits Your Business the Best?

Color vs Monochrome

One of the biggest conundrums for some businesses regarding business copy machines is the color/monochrome debate that is certain to begin raging when looking at the numbers. But, when dealing with copy machines and printers for business, what works best for one may be a painful and costly mistake for another.

At Capital Business Machines our business is helping your business thrive by making sure you have the best office copiers for YOUR business, not some one-size-fits-most mistake that you can’t afford.

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Top 5 Reasons Your Sales Collateral Should Be In Color

These days, few businesses have the luxury of simply answering the phone and taking orders… Direct sales continues to be a key component of small business growth. New competition is constantly entering the marketplace, and your sales team needs the right resources to keep your business competitive. Leave-behind sales materials are a cost-effective way to demonstrate higher value for your goods and services, and are an important part of the sales process.

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Studies Show High Quality Printed Pieces Affect Emotion: The Science

Studies Show High Quality Printed Pieces Affect Emotion: The Science

When we communicate, how we say things is often just as important as what we say. And any good salesman (or poker player) will tell you that we often tell people a lot without speaking at all. Learning to interpret and send nonverbal cues turns a good communicator into a great one.

The same is true with the design of printed materials. Advertisements are designed to seek out attention and generate interest. Catalogs and leave-behind sales materials highlight what you have to offer in an appealing way. When it comes to internal correspondence, your team members deserve an attractive message just as much as your customers. The bottom line is that style can be just as important as content.

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Advance Your Business With These Five Document Solutions

Advance Your Business

Our Internet-connected world now operates in a new era of business. Advancements in technology have enabled a greater level of interaction between people and business unlike ever before in history.

Along with these new human achievements comes a new level of efficiency.

Every document produced by your business is important, from conception to production to storage (or destruction.)

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A Quick Guide to the Various Types of Printers and Copiers


When purchasing new printing equipment for your office, you will find that there are many new options on the market. You may begin to wonder about your current needs and how to effectively plan for future expansion — so where do you start?

Our clients rely on us to make the right decisions for their document production. We have extensive experience in this field. As we help you plan, we are always considering the types of devices available.

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