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Looking to take your small business into the digital age? We can help!

Capital has been in continuous operation since 1939. The company was originally in the business of selling typewriters, and photocopiers as we now know them were still a couple of decades away. Fortunately, we have always believed in preparing for the future by learning as much as we can about new office technology, and helping our clients make informed decisions. Their success is our success, and we take a lot of pride in the long-term partnerships we’ve developed over the past eight decades.

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How to use color to drive sales

Even though an increasing amount of business is currently happening over the internet, many companies still believe in direct sales. There’s nothing quite like getting the chance to speak face to face with someone who’s going to learn about your business, and make specific recommendations, and many businesses still prefer a brick-and-mortar office and a direct sales force.

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Kyocera Multi-Function Products are a great way to maximize productivity in your office!

It doesn’t matter how successful your business is, how many years you’ve been in operation, or how many employees you have: there’s always room for improvement in your daily operations. Unfortunately, many businesses struggle to find areas to improve on their own, and need to bring in some outside help from time to time.

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Kyocera MFPs do it all, plus a little more!

Most of us grew up wondering what the future would be like, and our imaginations often went wild with vivid daydreams of flying cars, time travel, and robot housekeepers. We might not quite be there yet, but our lives are definitely enhanced by technology each and every day! This is particularly true in the modern workplace!

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Kyocera Printers and copiers are a great way to boost productivity in your office!

No matter how organized your office is, there are always ways to streamline your operations and make things run more smoothly. Whether it’s arranging the furniture differently, figuring out ways to complete routine tasks more quickly, or simply eliminating waste, small improvements can make a big difference in your bottom line if they’re consistently followed. And don’t forget to consider the benefits of upgrading your office equipment!

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