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With a service agreement, you’ll never have to worry about running out of toner or supplies again!

It doesn’t matter if you have a large office with thousands of employees, or a cozy little mom-and-pop boutique: you need quality office equipment that will work when you need it to work. Downtime is inconvenient, and it costs you business.

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Keep Up With Toner Supplies the Easy Way – We’ll Show You How

Toner Cartridges

As a small business owner, your primary focus should always be growing your business, and you can’t grow if you’re wasting time focusing on the wrong details! The more time that you spend dealing with faulty office equipment, the less time that you have to find new clients!

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Never Run Out of Toner Again!

Running a small business means doing more with less, and minimizing expenses is an important part of maximizing revenue. Keeping your doors open often means making difficult decisions about what you truly need, and what you can do without. Unfortunately, one of the mistakes that small business owners often make is assuming that they don’t need a service agreement on their office equipment, or that they can’t afford it. But they do, and they can. Think about it…Would you buy a home or a car without also buying an insurance policy?

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Never Run Out of Toner Again. Here’s How.

Never Run Out of Toner Again. Here's How.

Whether your business handles a hundred print jobs a month or a hundred thousand, there’s never a good time to run out toner in your Multifunction Printer (MFP). When you press the print button, the only thing you need to see is high quality, fully saturated color or black & white prints rolling into the tray – not a low toner warning…especially not at a time when the last toner cartridge on hand is the one holding your print job hostage.

Capital Business Machines understands, and we’ve done something about it.

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Can A High Speed Scanner Solve All Your Business Problems?

Can A High Speed Scanner Solve All Your Business Problems

Owning any business whether big or small comes with it’s own set of unique and stressful problems. Your office equipment should not be one of those problems.

With deadlines, meetings, and the occasional employee sick day, having the best office technology is vital for keeping your company working.

Capital Business Machines has been serving Arkansans since 1939 and has earned an excellent reputation as a provider of cutting edge products and services.

You need a method to scan important documents to be able to present them in the highest possible quality. Maybe you need single- or double-sided capability or even color.

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