Managing Your Documents in the New Age

Have you ever noticed that the word “paperwork” is often spoken with a certain degree of contempt? No professional would ever dispute the the importance of an office’s need to maintain records and files, but the process of storage and retrieval wastes a lot of time that could be better spent serving customers or growing the business.

What would you say if we told you that the days of paper files are practically over? It’s true! Many companies are transitioning to cloud-based document management systems (DMS), which offer the ultimate in convenience and flexibility. With DMS, office tasks can be easily expedited, and you’ll never again have to keep a client waiting while you dig around in a file room looking for a file that may or may not be there. Our team at Capital can show you how to use Kyocera Multi-Function Products (MFPs) to create a fully integrated office document management system. Here’s how it works


Instant document filing and retrieval – As soon as you create a document, you can use the Kyocera DMS Link App to automatically scan it, and store a digital copy in the cloud. DMS Link will build a folder hierarchy and establish naming conventions for files that will be easy to understand, and the documents can be retrieved instantly any time that you need them!

Secure online document storage – You’ll never have to worry about the security of your files in the cloud, because with the PinPoint Scan application, they can only be retrieved by authorized users with a PIN number. You’ll keep your files secure, and you’ll also have a complete record of who accessed the files, and at what time.

Printing on the go – With the Kyocera Mobile Print App, you can stay connected to the office, even when you’re not there. Every office document that you need can be instantly accessed from any workstation or authorized mobile device, and you’ll have your whole office at your fingertips.

Today’s workplace is definitely changing, and if you don’t upgrade now, you run the risk of being left behind. Contact us for a free consultation, and let us show you the power of Kyocera’s Document Management Systems. Schedule an appointment online at this link or give us a call at (501) 375-1111.