Lean manufacturing” and “Total Quality Management” have been instituted in just about every business sector since the 1980s, particularly in manufacturing. But the principles are just as applicable in other business sectors. By taking a top to bottom approach to the problems of doing business, organizations can locate bottlenecks and streamline processes. The name of the game in lean manufacturing is doing more with less, and making sure your line employees have direct contact with decision makers. They also need fast track authority to make decisions based on the best available information in real time.

At Capital, we’ve been in the workflow business for decades. We opened our doors in 1939 and have seen a lot of trends come and go. There aren’t any “one size fits all” solutions in business, but the most successful companies focus on the basics. They understand the value of taking a process oriented approach to business, and make sure the departments operate in sync with each other. We carry the full line of Kyocera Multi-Function Products (MFPs), and they offer many options for improving your daily operational efficiency.

Kyocera MFPs offer premium quality imaging, and you’ll be able to create professional looking flyers, brochures, catalogs, and leave behind sales collateral in minutes. You don’t have to have any special design experience to create great looking documents. All you have to do is locate your choice of easy to use desktop publishing templates, fill them up with content, and tweak your design to your heart’s content.

Digital Document Handling is where your Kyocera MFPs really shine. You’ll be able to begin your transition to a paperless office, and have instant access to digital copies of all of your files in the cloud. They’ll be stored securely with military grade encryption, and accessible only by authorized users with a PIN number. You can also remotely monitor your system performance, copy count, and enable or disable color copying. Your MFPs are a great way to give a small business, big power!

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