When properly configured, today’s modern office is a marvel of efficiency. Waste goes down, productivity rises, and the paper chase becomes a thing of the past!

Capital has been Central Arkansas’ leader in business machines since 1939, and we’ve seen a lot of changes since we opened our doors. From the open office, to the cubicle farm, to the virtual office, Capital has been there with the machines and the technology to combine form and function, and help small businesses grow!

In today’s office, workflow is the primary focus, with an emphasis on improving productivity. With that in mind, Capital’s Document Management System, utilizes an interconnected platform that combines your computer network with Kyocera Multi-Function Products (MFPs) and business applications, and cloud-based document storage. When you put it all together, your office staff will be able to create, store, retrieve, and distribute documents in an instant.

The need for physical file storage is now a thing of the past, and documents can be stored and retrieved in seconds, either via your computer network, cloud enabled MFP, or authorized mobile devices. The fully enabled DMS Office from Capital and Kyocera is geared toward maximum efficiency, and it’sscaled to the size and workflow requirements of your office.

The future, with all of its challenges and uncertainties, doesn’t have to be intimidating. To find out how your business can tame and claim the future, call us today at 501-375-1111 or contact us online at this link.