The past several years have been extremely challenging for small businesses throughout the world, and many companies have been forced to run their operations with skeleton crews just to keep their doors open. It’s always been crucial to know how to do more with less, and your business’ survival throughout the lean years depends on your ability to think outside the box. Fortunately, many companies have discovered their employees can be just as productive working from home, and they can now employ remote workers from around the world to address critical personnel shortages!

Capital has been providing premium quality imaging equipment and productivity solutions for small businesses since 1939, and we’re proud to carry the full line of Kyocera Multi-Function Products (MFPs), which all offer crystal-clear image resolution and industry-leading uptime. We’re always happy to schedule a free consultation so we can learn more about your business and make specific recommendations. Kyocera also offers a host of next-generation productivity applications to help you manage your business from your smartphone. These are just a few of the ways Kyocera Apps can help you keep your mobile workforce connected:

Digital Document Storage– Any time you print or copy a new document, your MFPs will create a digital copy and store it securely in the cloud. Your documents will be protected with military-grade encryption and instantly retrievable by any authorized user with a PIN number.

Enhanced Connectivity-Kyocera offers apps to seamlessly connect your digital documents to your email exchange server and scheduling systems. Your team members can easily view and access the same documents, even if they’re working offsite.

Remote Device Management-If you’re the type of business owner who enjoys “management by walking around,” you’ll be able to easily manage your MFPs on the go. You can monitor system performance and copy counts, add or remove authorized users, and restrict access to color copying and other features. You’ll be able to run errands, make sales calls, and grow your business, and you’ll be able to support your in-house employees no matter where you are!

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a free consultation, contact us online or at 501-375-1111.