With today’s business environment becoming increasingly mobile, a day at the office doesn’t always mean a day IN the office, but you need to be connected no matter where business happens. That’s why Capital Business Machines is bringing the office together at home and on the road with Kyocera HyPAS (Hybrid Platform for Advanced Solutions) technology.

Inside the office, your Kyocera Multi-Function Printers (MFPs) will operate at a whole different level with the HyPAS platform as it expands your MFPs core capabilities to simple touch-screen operations that address your unique workflow needs at every level.

Kyocera Cloud Connect is your bridge to the cloud, connecting you effortlessly to all of your files and giving you total control over when and where you access and print them. Most importantly, you don’t even need your smart phone, computer or tablet to be able to access, store, print and scan your documents, just your Kyocera MFP.

Outside the office is where the HyPAS platform truly shines as it merges the functionality of the office with the wireless devices you use in the field, linking everything together securely and seamlessly.

With Kyocera Mobile Print, there’s no need to be physically connected to a corporate network; the app can quickly identify Kyocera Printers and MFPs via a Wi-Fi connection, and once a device is located you simply select the documents you want to print. Mobile Print integrates with e-mail, Evernote® and Google Drive™, further enhancing the print versatility of your mobile device. You can even print web pages accessed through the app’s built-in web browser.

And to think, all this time you thought Kyocera just makes the best copiers on the market. Contact Capital Business today, either online or by telephone at 501-375-1111, and we’ll help you get started right away. Capital Business is your hometown headquarters for Kyocera printers, where you’ll find the best color copiers and MFPs to meet your needs.

At Capital Business Machines, we’ve been helping businesses like yours gain the competitive edge since 1939.