When Capital opened for business in 1939, businesses operated much differently than they do today. Offices were far more compartmentalized, and business leaders were far too focused on “The Big Picture” to compose their own letters or do their own filing. But the digital age enables everyone in a business from the mailroom clerks all the way to the CEO to perform tasks once assigned to an entire department!

We’re proud to carry the full line of Kyocera Multi-Function Products (MFPs), and they offer the best performance record and the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) in the industry. MFPs offer all of the standard printing and copying functions you’ve come to expect from any high-volume printer, and a host of next-generation applications to help you manage your office from your smartphone. We’ll help you select MFPs right-sized for your budget, and we’ll make sure you and your staff are all properly trained on their use. We’re also a Kyocera Premiere Customer Service dealer with experienced technicians who will keep your printers and copiers properly serviced and maintained. Here are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy when you upgrade your office machines to Kyocera MFPs:

Digital Document Storage-The days of bulky filing cabinets and boxes are over! Each time you or one of your team members prints or copies a document, your MFPs will create a digital copy and store it securely in the cloud. Your files will be protected with military-grade encryption, and any authorized user with a PIN number can access them instantly from any workstation or mobile device.

Enhanced Collaboration-Your digital documents can be easily shared with other users in your network through your email exchange and scheduling tools. Even if you operate a large office with many sites, all team members will be able to review and edit the same documents until you’ve created your finished product!

Remote Device Management-If you’re on the road growing your business, you can manage your MFPs’ administrative features remotely. You can monitor copy counts, add or remove users, and authorize or restrict access to color copying and other features.

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