In order to create the office of the future, you have to be prepared to embrace both tradition and innovation. That means hanging onto the things that work, but being on the lookout for any processes or procedures that can be performed more efficiently.

Since 1939, Capital has been providing top quality business document solutions to clients throughout Arkansas, and our team is standing by to show you the numerous benefits of building an office document management system around your Kyocera printers and copiers. They perform all the standard functions you’ve come to expect from imaging equipment, and also come with dozens of applications you can use to turbocharge your productivity. Here are just a few of the benefits that you can expect from your Kyocera Multi-Function Products (MFPs):

Premium imaging-You’ll never have to outsource a print job again, because your equipment will be capable of doing everything you need in-house. Whether you need to print flyers, catalogs, or leave-behind sales collateral, your MFPs will be up to the task.

Printing on the go-The days of working behind a desk are long gone for most businesses, and it makes sense. Whether you’re working on a sales floor, in a manufacturing setting, or offsite, you’ll love the convenience of being able to retrieve documents from your mobile device wherever you are, and sending them to the nearest printer.

Digital document storage-If you’ve been in business for a long time, you’ve probably been forced to commit a lot of space to storing physical files. And how many times have you been looking for a file that wasn’t there? The good news is that with your MFPs, you can create digital copies of your documents and store them securely in the cloud. When they’re needed, any authorized user with a PIN number can retrieve them in seconds.

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