The office copier of yore, which many of us grew up with, has become officially “old school” technology now that the multifunction product (MFP) has come of age. With the old school office copiers, you could, well, copy. And that was about it.

With the old school printer, you could print, and generate virtually unlimited original documents from your computer, but if you needed copies of an existing document, it was off to the officer copier for you.

Once you added a scanner and fax machine, you wound up with quite an assortment of electrical cords draped around the office, all competing for power outlets and floor or desk space.

Let Capital “right size” your office with our line of dependable Kyocera products. The Kyocera line of MFPs, available in monochrome and color, combine printing, copying, document scanning, and fax capabilities all in one networked unit that can be operated from a remote workstation for most functions. Now, those are the functions you know about. Here are three that you may not know about:

    1. DMS Link: Link your MFP straight to a Document Management System to scan, sort, and file documents electronically for easy retrieval, and put an end to the paper chase.
    2. Kyocera Cloud Connect: Print from and scan to the Cloud from anywhere you are, and cut the office umbilical cord for unprecedented productivity. To do business where business happens, Cloud Connect will put you there.
    3. Kyocera Mobile Print: To fully unlock your potential, Mobile Print provides unprecedented mobility by allowing you to print from your smartphone or tablet to select Kyocera MFPs or scan from Kyocera MFPs to your mobile device. You’ll never again​ have to lug reams of documents around “just in case” once you have your office at your fingertips.

At Capital, we’ve been helping small businesses move at the speed of business since ​1939. Call us today at 501-375-1111, or contact us online and our highly knowledgeable staff will perform a workflow audit of your business and recommend a right-sized business solution customized for how you operate today, and expandable for how you’ll operate tomorrow!