Today’s modern office bears little resemblance to offices of just a few years ago, with changes on top of changes since Capital entered the office solutions business in 1939. But not since the invention of the typewriter has a technological advance impacted the way business is done like the introduction of the Document Management System (DMS).

Simply put, a DMS is an electronic system designed to organize and manage documents. In fact, here are three huge benefits to utilizing a DMS, all necessary tasks, but formerly quite labor and time intensive:

  1. Document Archiving – Instead of tying up valuable manpower and resources to periodically archive important documents prior to storage for ease of access later, documents can be archived as needed automatically. Once the DMS is programmed to your workflow needs, documents are archived at the appropriate time to the appropriate location as digital files, forever ending the need to rummage through banks of file cabinets in search of documents.
  2. Document Distribution – Instead of tying up resources distributing documents throughout the office, a DMS can automate the task to be done at specific intervals as well as on command. Digital documents are retrieved or created, then distributed via workstation or mobile device securely and with no waste.
  3. Document Creation – Instead of having to reinvent the wheel every time a paper document is created, a DMS can store templates for easy retrieval and the appropriate documents for a given use can be created with a few clicks. Not only that, but the system allows users to access, modify, and store needed documents securely in a central location.

When you match one of a full line of Kyocera Multi-function Products (MFPs), with built in document scanners, and incorporate it with an advanced DMS software platform, document management becomes a breeze. Connect your whole office to your DMS, set individual workstation functionality according to need, and you’ll see your office productively go up while wasted time and resources go down.

To find out how a Document Management System tailored to your office workflow needs can take your business to the next level, give Capital a call at (501) 375-1111 or contact us online. You’ll be glad you did.