The evolution of business has always been about moving forward, doing things better, faster, raising productivity, cutting waste, and always finding new ways to bring more money in the door in revenue while tossing less money down the drain in wasted time and resources.

Since 1939, Capital Business Machines has been in the business of making sure businesses have access to the technologies that help them succeed. Not only that, we’ve been there to help businesses just like yours navigate the technological changes, helping you move with the evolving landscape rather than being left behind.

While hardware has been the bulk of the business of business machines for decades, computer technology advances have placed software on an equal standing, with network infrastructure, print management and document solutions establishing importance as analogue technologies have been replaced by the digital revolution.

At Capital Business, we still supply superior office equipment from Kyocera. We offer a full line of printers, document scanning machines, color copiers for business, and other hardware to keep your business moving ahead, but as business needs have evolved, so have we.

That’s where our Total Document Solutions Service makes all the difference when want to spend time managing your business and not managing your business machines.

As a Kyocera Certified Total Document Solutions Provider, we can provide your office with these comprehensive services to cut down on your storage needs and consolidate service providers, manage documents efficiently, and free up personnel for projects that serve your business instead of your machines. Our services include:

  • Product Maintenance
  • Imaging / Scanning
  • Shredding
  • Managed Print Services

With Total Document Solutions from Capital Business, you can focus wholly on the needs of your business because you aren’t devoting time, personnel and resources to the needs of your business machines.

And when you think about it, the beautiful synergy in that process becomes clear.

Harness the synergy. Call Capital Business at (501) 375-1111, or contact us online, and let’s work together to take your business to the next level.