Change is tough, especially when you’re considering changing a fundamental way businesses have operated since business came into existence. But humanity has made many changes and come through them better than before. Just like the wheel or the discovery of fire revolutionized how societies function, the binary code that made computers possible has had a substantial impact on business.

Typewriters, telephones, and file cabinets were the mainstay of business for decades. Those of us here at Capital should know, because when we opened our doors in 1939, we’ve seen those changes up close. After all, our mission since then has been to help businesses do business better by making sure those technological moves forward don’t leave anyone behind.

We remember when an office document management system was localized, usually consisting of a copier and file cabinets. In the 21st Century, document management has evolved light years ahead of the days of the paper chase. By networking one of our versatile Kyocera scanners throughout your organization using the HyPAS (Hybrid Platform for Advanced Solutions) software, you can take document management to a level of efficiency that simply cannot be touched by 20th Century document creation and storage methods.

Putting the power of Kyocera’s Multi-Function Products coupled with HyPAS software behind your business gives you full access to a host of cloud storage solutions. You can eliminate your company’s dependence on unnecessary paper documents and you’ll have the ability to retrieve and print needed documents from anywhere in the world where a secure Wi-Fi signal is available.

Seamless and secure, you’ll discover levels of efficiency that will leave 20th Century solutions in the dust, and your productivity will skyrocket. Once you incorporate our Document Management Systems into your workflow, you’ll never turn back!

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