Our Internet-connected world now operates in a new era of business. Advancements in technology have enabled a greater level of interaction between people and business unlike ever before in history.

Along with these new human achievements comes a new level of efficiency.

Every document produced by your business is important, from conception to production to storage (or destruction.) Here are the top five ways that the world of print has changed in recent years with regard to business:

1 High-quality documents result in more sales. The appearance of your sales and marketing collateral will have an impact on your closing ratio. Color laser printers such as the Kyocera ECOSYS P6030cdn will produce sharp materials that will impress your potential clients.

2 Technological advancements facilitate rapid document production. When your business needs the ability to reliably produce a high volume of documents, your printer’s speed can be a bottleneck. This is no longer a problem with multi-function printers (MFP’s) which are capable of up to 80 pages per minute.

3 Don’t worry about running out of supplies. With document solutions from Capital, our software monitors the amount of toner in each printer on your network. We will be at your business with a new toner cartridge before you even know you need it.

4 Multi-function printers are more than just copiers. MFP’s are network-enabled devices capable of printing, copying, and scanning documents. The latest generation of devices can handle massive workloads, all while keeping individual employees’ print jobs separated and ready for pick-up.

5 Save money on managed print solutions. Why buy a new copy machine when you can just pay per page? Managed print solutions enable your business to have the very best document production equipment without the huge capital expenditures. It also means that you will have a maintenance staff for your equipment, never run out of supplies, and always have peace of mind.

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