Small business has always depended on the ability to do more with less, and effective communication from top to bottom. Everyone wears many hats in a small office, and everyone needs to be able to deal with current information in real time. If there are bottlenecks, communications breakdowns, or unnecessary duplication of tasks, it can really chip away at a business’ profitability. Most businesses are already operating at historically tight profit margins with skeleton crews, and you can’t afford to let your guard down if you intend to stay in business.

Fortunately, Capital is here to help! We offer the full line of Kyocera Multi-Function Products (MFPs) which offer all of the conventional features you’d expect from a high volume copier or printer, and a whole lot more! Kyocera offers a host of next generation productivity features to help you run a tight ship, and we’ll make sure you know how to use them. Here are just a few of great features you’ll enjoy with your Kyocera MFPs:

Digital Document Handling-If you haven’t already made the transition to a paperless workspace, your MFPs will get you started. Each print job or copy will be digitally archived, and securely stored in the cloud for retrieval with a PIN number.

Printing on the Go-Most effective small business owners practice “management by wandering around,” and your MFPs will make it easier than ever. You can access files from anywhere using your smart phone, and print a hard copy at the touch of a button. You can also remotely monitor your system performance, copy count, and enable or disable color copying.

Premium Quality Imaging-With your MFPs, you’ll be able to bring print jobs back in house! Flyers, brochures, catalogs, and leave behind sales collateral are still a great way to help you grow your business, and you can create them with easy to use desktop publishing templates in minutes. Even if your prospective customer isn’t prepared to buy immediately, you’re more likely to get another chance if your catalog is too nice to throw away!

If you have any questions about Kyocera products, or would like to schedule a free consultation, contact us online, or at 501-375-1111.