It almost never fails. Your mind needs to be on business, but you always seem to be playing workflow traffic cop. The main printer is out of paper. The primary copier is jammed. A major print job is stalled because somebody ordered the wrong toner cartridges and the right cartridges will have to be over-nighted.

And to top it all off, your intra-office network only seems to work for about half the office, but never the same half two days in a row.

Let’s face it; you got into your business because you love what you do, but as you’ve grown, it seems you spend less time doing what you love because you’re spending more time untangling workflow problems.

There must be a better way…

There is. At Capital, our passion is providing businesses with solutions to some of their longest-standing problems with document production, storage, and retrieval. Making sure our clients have solutions that work is what’s been getting us out of bed every morning since Kyocera Multi-Function products engineered to handle all of your printing and copying needs efficiently and without waste.

Whether you need one printer or a fleet of copiers, we network them with your existing intra-office computer system and tie everything into a suite of Internet-based business applications designed by Kyocera and tailored to fit the way you do business. These solutions allow you to do business wherever you are. That critical paperwork you need to produce right now can be as close as your tablet or smartphone, even when you’re nowhere close to the office.

Contact Capital today at 501-375-1111 or online to learn more about our full range of Document Services, the right office machines for how you do business, and Managed Print services designed to simplify supply availability, optimize your services, help you work more effectively, and reduce waste.

Because after all, isn’t it time you got back to doing the business you love?