It doesn’t matter if your business has two employees or 2,000: any number greater than one involves finding the best ways to improve communication and collaborate effectively. No matter how experienced or organized you are, you can always find things to improve. It involves taking a good critical look at your operations and finding solutions to the inevitable bottlenecks. There are certainly no “one size fits all” solutions, but the most successful businesses understand the importance of focusing on the details, and the wisdom of learning from industry leaders.

Our team at Capital is always ready to help you find ways to streamline your day to day operations. We’ve been partnering with small businesses for over eight decades, and have the deepest commitment (as well as a vested interest) to helping our clients tighten their belts, and learn how to do more with less. Here are just a few of the benefits that you’ll enjoy when you upgrade to Kyocera Multi-Function Products (MFPs):

Digital Document Handling-Your MFPs offer document scanning features that will help you transition to a paperless workplace. Your documents can be scanned and stored securely in the cloud, and you’ll never lose a file again! With the cost of office space continuing to increase, it’s always nice to know that you won’t need all those bulky filing cabinets and boxes.

Remote management features-Our clients love the printing on the go feature, because an increasing number of business owners spend little to no time at their desks. By using your smart phone, you can send print jobs to your MFPs from your warehouse or sales floor, and perform administrative tasks using a host of next generation productivity apps from Kyocera.

Unrivaled service record– All Kyocera products offer industry leading uptime, but when you do have a service need, our technicians will have you back in business in no time. We also offer highly affordable service plans that include preventive maintenance visits, priority service, and automatic toner replenishment.

If you have any questions, or would like to schedule a free consultation, contact us online, or at 501-375-1111.