When you purchase a high speed copier for small business operations, there are a lot of factors to consider. For starters, you need to select a copier able to handle the right volume of printing and copying for your workplace. All copiers have a recommended amount of usage measured in pages copied, and spending your dollars means knowing how much printing and copying you do each month. It’s alright to select a model to grow into, but the small amount of money you might save on a lower end model of printer and copier won’t be worth the frustration you’ll encounter when it doesn’t perform the way you need it to.

At Capital, we are always a phone call away when you want to schedule a free, no obligation consultation. We’ll learn about your business, and make specific recommendations. We’ll help you select the perfect Kyocera copier for your business, and have it delivered in a matter of days. And we don’t just drop it off and plug it in. We will make sure you and your whole staff are familiar with its proper usage, and are always available when you have questions! Kyocera offers a host of great smart phone apps to provide you with maximum control of your copiers, and we’ll help you select the apps you need to turbocharge your productivity!

Copiers are rated by their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), which is an estimate of the actual operating cost of your equipment. In addition to the payments you make on your lease or purchase, you also have to factor in the cost of maintenance, supplies, and downtime. All businesses already operate on razor thin margins when the economy is good, which is why it’s so important to us to outfit your office with the equipment you need to take care of your customers at a price you can afford! No one beats our prices on printers and copiers, and our reputation for quality customer service is second to none!

If you have any questions, or would like to schedule a free consultation, contact us online, or at 501-375-1111.