When it comes to telling the story of your business, a picture is worth a thousand words. High-quality documents and leave-behind sales collateral increase the perceived value of your products and services, and they set the tone for your brand. It’s crucial to stand apart in a competitive market, and the ability to create new promotional materials on demand gives you an important edge over your competition!

Capital has been partnering with Arkansas businesses since 1939, and we offer the full line of Kyocera Multi-Function Products (MFPs). We’re always happy to schedule a free consultation and workflow analysis for your small business and help you find the right office machines to meet your imaging needs. Kyocera MFPs offer industry-leading uptime, secure online digital storage, and a host of great productivity applications to help you manage your office remotely. Here are a few easy tips to help you create attractive and high-quality business documents.

Think about your brand-If your company already has a logo and colors, your work is halfway done. You should include your logo in your printed materials and maintain a consistent color palette when you create new materials. There are good reasons why banks have green logos and retailers use red and yellow, and your color choices should always support your branding.

Grab your reader’s attention-Headlines should be an important call to action for your readers and encourage them to read further. With the exception of writing out company names or headlines, it’s generally best to avoid writing anything else in all caps. You should also use bold text sparingly.

Less is more-Once you’ve gotten your reader’s attention, you don’t want to lose it. Be sure to make your key points obvious and keep the supporting content to a minimum. Leave plenty of white space on the page, and think about how your text is aligned. It’s okay to center a few words, but not entire paragraphs.

Use photos-It’s always a good idea to include photos in your sales collateral, and you can download easy-to-use desktop publishing templates to help you align and format your photos.

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