As technology moves forward, it can sometimes seem like change happens so quickly that you barely have time to get used to one innovation before another comes along to make it obsolete. Oftentimes, however, there’s a bigger picture to consider, and change can be for the better.

At Capital, we’ve seen a lot of changes since we first opened our doors in 1939. We’ve seen developments as groundbreaking as the fax machine to those as seemingly mundane as Liquid Paper rise in prominence, shine brightly, then dim as other technologies came along.

All of that change was spurred by a few simple needs: to do more, do it better, do it faster, and do it before the competition could beat you to it. As new products are developed, old products are replaced with more efficient designs. Many of those products work as well as the day they came out, but were replaced because of the need for greater efficiency in a phenomenon known as “planned obsolescence”.

For example, consider the old school copy machine. Built like tanks, many are still serviceable today, but prohibitively expensive to operate and maintain. Those factors alone make them a millstone dragging your business down, but there’s an even bigger reason: Today’s office is not an island, it is a network, reaching out and connecting to the whole world. If your office machines aren’t network capable, they’re slowing you down, and possibly even crippling your business.

That is why Capital offers Kyocera products, the finest office machines available, which are network ready and scalable for future growth. Our Kyocera color copiers can communicate with your workstations, can link wirelessly to your office laptops, tablets, and cell phones, and can even notify us when your toner gets low or when it’s time for a service call!

We’re not talking about upgrading equipment for the sake of upgrading equipment, either. The gains in productivity, the drop in wasted time and materials, and the streamlined workflow you’ll gain will make all the difference between simply getting by and preparing your office for exponential growth.

If you’re trying to make 21st Century gains but your office equipment is stuck in the past, it’s time to look at what Kyocera and Capital have to offer. For more information, call us today at 501-375-1111 or contact us online. The future is coming, and Capital is here to help you get ready!