Toner Cartridges

As a small business owner, your primary focus should always be growing your business, and you can’t grow if you’re wasting time focusing on the wrong details! The more time that you spend dealing with faulty office equipment, the less time that you have to find new clients!

At Capital, we’re proud to carry Kyocera printers and copiers, which consistently lead the industry in uptime and lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). But even the most reliable equipment occasionally needs service, and we offer affordable service plans that will give you true peace of mind. We’re proud to be a Kyocera Service Solutions Provider (SSP) Dealer, and our technicians have all met Kyocera’s most rigorous service standards. Here’s what you get with a maintenance agreement from Capital:

Proactive Toner Replacement-Chances are that you don’t think about toner very often, but your operations can come to a screeching halt if you suddenly find out that you’re out of toner. Toner typically comes well-packaged and has a shelf life of 18 to 24 months, but stockpiling replacement toner isn’t always a good idea. If you ever upgrade equipment, the money that you spent on those expensive cartridges is lost. With our managed services program, we’ll monitor your levels, and ship you new cartridges before you run out of toner!

Priority Service Calls-All service calls are important, and all clients can expect fast, professional service! But with a maintenance agreement, you’ll go directly to the front of the line, and be back in service right away!

Routine Preventative Maintenance-We’ll make sure that every member of your staff is properly trained on the proper usage of your equipment, and show them how to troubleshoot in the event of minor issues. With a maintenance agreement, we’ll also take it a step further by monitoring your equipment’s performance, and anticipating upcoming service needs. It’s crucial to catch small problems before they become large ones, and we’ll work alongside your staff to keep your equipment in service at all times!

You depend on your office equipment every day, and the small expense of a service agreement is a great way to maximize uptime and manage repair costs. Contact us here for more information on managed services, or give us a call at (501) 375-1111.