In the old days, office document management systems were fairly simple: documents were created on typewriters, hard copies circulated around, and then were filed away. The system worked pretty well for a long time, but created seas of filing cabinets. And there was never a guarantee that the files would be where they were supposed to be. With the introduction of the office computer, things got a little better, but most offices still rely heavily on the old technology.

Capital is Little Rock’s leader in streamlining and equipping the modern office. We’ve partnered with Kyocera, developer of the most advanced and dependable office document management system available to diagnose and solve workflow problems in almost any work environment.

We’ll help you develop a DMS Office environment geared toward the way you do business. We’ll assess your workflow needs, and design a custom solution with Kyocera Multi-Function Products (MFPs) equipped with a host of integrated business applications. Your office network will be able to create, examine, distribute, store, and retrieve documents in seconds. Cloud-based DMS means no more lost or misplaced documents, and no more wasted time rooting through filing cabinets!

To start on a custom solution that fits the way you do business, contact us online at this link or give us a call at (501)375-1111.