Recent world events have forced businesses throughout the world to tighten their belts and rethink the ways they operate. Some companies have even shut down many of their brick-and-mortar offices, or they’re now allowing an increasing number of their employees to work remotely. Whatever the situation may be, business leaders need the ability to “turn on a dime” in response to new information or changes in the marketplace.

Our team at Capital is always available to take a look at your business and make specific recommendations. We carry the full line of Kyocera Multi-Function Products (MFPs), and we’ll help you select the right office machines for your small business. Kyocera offers a lot of great productivity tools that allow you to connect remotely with your MFPs for enhanced productivity and collaboration. Here are just a few of the Kyocera Apps that you can use to run your office at the touch of a button:

Docuware Connector will help you take your first step toward a paperless office. It will help you create digital copies of all of the documents you create for secure cloud-based storage. Your documents will be protected with military-grade encryption, and they’ll be instantly accessible by authorized users. You won’t have to squander expensive office space to house physical files anymore, and you won’t have to refile documents after viewing.

Kyocera Mobile Print allows you to print on the go! You can retrieve online documents at any time from your smartphone or mobile device and send print jobs to your MFPs for retrieval at your convenience.

Command Center RX gives remote managers a lot of power. If you’re on the road growing your business, you’ll always be able to monitor the performance of your MFPs. You can monitor toner levels and paper capacity, and you can even troubleshoot remotely.

AccessLock enables you to easily add or remove authorized users to your network. You can get your new hires connected right away, and offer limited access to seasonal employees. You can also set copy limits and disable color copying to manage costs.

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