One of the biggest challenges a growing business faces is file storage. When you’re just starting out, a single filing cabinet might seem like plenty, but it doesn’t take long before you start running out of room. The other problem is the need to pull files and refile them later. Each time an original document is removed from the filing cabinet, it’s unavailable to other employees until it’s returned. There’s also the additional problem of documents being filed or re-filed incorrectly.

More and more businesses are making the switch to cloud-based record keeping, which has many great benefits for offices of any size. Our team at Capital is the leading provider of Kyocera Copiers/Scanners in Arkansas, and we’re always a phone call or mouse click away when you want to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation to determine if your current office equipment continues to meet your needs. In addition to the premium quality imaging you’ve come to expect from your office’s printers and copiers, Kyocera also offers state-of-the-art document management software. Here’s how it works:

Each time you create a business document for your client, it will be stored in the cloud for future retrieval. The software will create an easy-to-use naming protocol as you scan and store documents, and you can also designate authorized users. Once your documents are scanned and stored, they can be securely retrieved with a PIN number, and won’t have to be re-filed after use.

By making the switch to digital document management, your business can grow as much as you want, and you won’t have to waste expensive office space with filing cabinets and boxes. You’ll have more time to focus on your clients’ needs, and they’ll appreciate your ability to serve them more quickly!

If you have any questions, or would like to schedule a consultation, contact us online, or at 501-375-1111.