Document Management

Keeping an office running at top efficiency is challenging. You have to be proactive at all times, and anticipate wastefulness before it happens. One important area where most offices struggle is document management. The longer that a company is in business, the more records that it has to maintain. This means wasting valuable office space storing files, and wasting valuable time retrieving the files. Fortunately, with a Kyocera office document management system, those struggles can quickly become a thing of the past!

At Capital, we’ve been providing premium business document solutions since 1939, and we’re ready to partner with you and show you exciting ways to make your daily office workflow run more smoothly! Kyocera MFPs do so much more than just print and make copies, and they also offer a host of digital document solutions that are powerful and easy to use. Here’s a quick look at how it works:

Instant Document Archiving-Once your get your DMS system set up, you can use your MFPs to convert hard copies into electronic files. With 2MyInbox, you can easily scan and email documents, and the powerful DMS Link application will facilitate a folder hierarchy and naming convention to keep your digital documents securely organized in the cloud.

Instant Document Retrieval-Once your documents are stored into your DMS system, the Pinpoint Scan application enables any authorized user to retrieve them securely with their PIN number. And online collaboration is easy when you use SharePoint Connector to turn paper-intensive processes into efficient digital workflows.

Printing on the go-In a lot of businesses, many employees don’t spend much time behind their desks, and many don’t have desks at all! But that’s not a problem with the Kyocera Mobile Print application. Any time that you need a hard copy of a document, you can retrieve it from any workstation or mobile device, and print it instantly!

More and more offices are transitioning to digital document storage, and enjoying its flexibility and convenience. If you haven’t made the transition yet, you’re taking the risk of getting left behind by your competitors! Schedule your free consultation here, or give us a call at 501-375-1111, and let our team at Capital show you just how affordable that efficiency can be!